Protein Chocolate Pretzel Bites (12 pack)


Milk Chocolate Drops with Pretzels Covered Chocolate

Protein Chocolate Pretzel Bites Facts At A Glance

  • 11g total fat: saturated fat 6g, trans fat 0g
  • 23 g total carbohydrate: dietary fiber 5g total sugars 11g includes added sugars
    13 g protein


There’s not much better than the amount of protein packed into this favorite healthy snack combination of chocolate and pretzels. So enjoy real chocolate and reap real gain without the guilt of too much sugar. Our protein snacks are delicious healthy snacks whenever you need them. So make your healthy snack count packed with 13g of WHEY PROTEIN, lower sugar, and NO SUGAR ALCOHOLS work for you with our Protein Chocolate Pretzel Bites.


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